The residents of Sokolniki will finally have their own gastrospace, and what kind.

This will be the first food court in the area where there is clearly not enough of a similar place – both for local residents and park visitors. Specifically, the metro has only a chain catering like “Shokoladnitsa” and a shawarma tent (albeit, according to the author of this note, one of the best in Moscow).

Just a set of corners with high-quality food has not surprised anyone for a long time, so the creators of food courts have recently been increasingly trying to lure with design – remember at least an art food court onegog on the highway of Enthusiasts or Underground Market in “City”. This one – the falconer – is generally more like an expensive restaurant. It will open in July (at least in August) in the Sokolniki shopping center, writes SysoevFM.

The composition of the residents is not yet known exactly, but the kitchens are all standard. Like us wrote earlier, it is planned to host about ten popular gastronomic concepts here, including Asian cuisine (poké and Vietnamese dishes), khinkali-khachapuri, an Italian pizzeria, a steakhouse and a burger, specialty coffee shop.

In addition, the owners promised the Kolbasoff restaurant, the Karavaev Brothers Culinary Store and Starbucks, but at least the latter, apparently, will have to say goodbye – the American giant recently announced that he left Russia forever.