The number one male Kpop group, bts, It continues to be a trend since the announcement of their separation and the pause that they took as a group for a few months, since Jin, the oldest member of the group, is doing his mandatory military service in South Korea.

Meanwhile, the other members of bts They are currently working on their solo projects and here we will tell you what they are doing at the moment.

we start by suga, who is currently 29 years old and is focused on releasing episodes of «suchwita«, Which is his program on YouTube where he has several very famous guests, from well-known celebrities, to the same groupmates.

jhope recently presented to Golden Disc Awards 2023 in Thailand, where BTS, including individual and group achievements, won 5 awards.

rm, He has been the last member of the group to release his solo album called «Indigo«, where he has collaborations with renowned groups and artists around the world, and recently confirmed that the album will come in its Vinyl version «Vinyl coming up…» and also shared photos in celebration with his friends and family.

Jimin, is close to launching its collaboration with Taeyang, «VIBE“, which will be released on January 13. It also became the cover of the «W Korea Volume 2 2023«.

For his part, Vrecently launched its photo folio «Beautiful Days» and the artist shared some of his new photos on his Instagram account, for this reason fans believe that new music will be coming soon from the artist.

Jin, the oldest member of the group, is currently in compulsory military service.

Jungkook, He was in charge of opening the Soccer World Cup in Qatar 2022, and he fell in love with all his followers with a video shared by the artist on his social networks.