The truth is that it’s been a few weeks since Shakira decided to release her latest song in collaboration with Bizarrap, where the Colombian took the opportunity to vent and threw strong hints at her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, and his new girlfriend, clear chiabut he also made a small mention of his former mother-in-law, with whom he would not be getting along very well.

Shakira took advantage of the three songs that she has composed for her ex-partner to bill and from what is known, she has billed a lot, but this time it is Gerard and Clara’s turn to check in and they have already started to do it. It is known that the recent and first photo together would have already generated profit for them.

There have been few times that we have had the opportunity to see the couple together, there are few photos of clear that there is on the internet, since she was not so mentioned or known before it was known that she was the new partner of the former Barcelona soccer player, that is why the identity of the 23-year-old was unknown.

But Gerard Piqué decided to make their relationship official by posting a photo with clear chia for its more than 22 million followers and according to the sports media «TicketGum«, the couple would have generated around $70,000 dollars for the picture.