Since it was known that Anne Jakrajutatip, the trans woman who was the new owner of the Miss Universe Organization, social networks began to wonder who it was and who he was when he was a man. And now, after digging a bit into his past, they have found some photos of when he was called Andrew instead of Anne.

For many who don’t know yet, Anne Jakrajutatip is a 43-year-old Thai tycoon, owner of a multinational company whose names are JKN Global Group, which is now the owner of 100% of the shares of the Miss Universe organization.

When it became known that this trans woman was the new owner of the beauty contest most important worldwide, there were many people who were interested in his past. Especially because of his sex change, since he was previously a man.

For this reason, the social media they began to look for old photographs of Anne as a man, and although the task was not easy, some photographs could be found.

The photos prove to us that there is nothing left of that introverted boy, today she is a successful and highly accomplished woman, who has gained great popularity in recent months thanks to the million-dollar purchase she has made, which has brought her some criticism for being a transgender woman

And you, what do you think of the old photographs of Anne Jakrajutatip?