This is the TOP 5 of the possible candidates for miss Universe to take the crown as new sovereigns of beauty, in the most important pageant in the world.

The 71st edition of the important event is just a few hours away from finishing and knowing who wins the long-awaited crown, the event that takes place in New Orleans, USAhas brought together thousands of people from all social classes.

That is why some news has already been revealed, about who may be the favorites of the juries for their impeccable and integrated beauty, and performance on stage.

People from all over the world have been supporting their candidates, but without a doubt, for several days some of them stand out, and they have become the favorites of the viewers.

And although none of them wants to go home without their crown, the contest will only reward the best among the more than 90 participants.

The favorites of the fans of the contest have shown an overwhelming charisma and personality, which is why among the first favorites is Miss Venezuela, Amanda Dudamel, who stands out for her beauty and social work. Following her is miss philippinesCeleste Cortesi, the 25-year-old candidate is dedicated to fighting the problem of hunger.

miss italyVirginia Stablum, has positioned itself as another favorite, in which the way of expressing herself to the public stands out. Miss PeruAlessia Rovegno, has drawn attention for her impressive stage presence and her work for the LGBTIQ+ community.

Another possible crown winner would be Miss Colombia, María Fernanda Aristizábal, who is characterized by her elegance and style. In addition to leaving a message to the whole world about caring for water.

The candidates at this time ask their followers for their support and good energy, as they are in the final stretch of the competition.