Despite being one of the favorite places in the Princess Diana, the site has sparked outrage as it currently looks very neglected.

Recently, Charles Spencer, the younger brother of Lady Di, posted a photo of the resting place of the Princess Diana on social media, which sparked heated discussions on the internet because the place looked pretty deserted and scary.

The loneliness that followed Princess Diana in his later years it’s the same loneliness that surrounds his grave now, because apparently no one lived on the property and they didn’t visit his grave very often either.

After the Princess Diana died in a fatal accident on August 31, 1997, his remains were interred in Althorp Housewhich was his home in his childhood.

The mansion was built in 1508 by the patriarch of the Spencer family, Sir John Spencera pastor who said that the mansion was built with the idea that his grandchildren would inherit it as a symbol of their social status because they belonged to the nobility and were close to the royal family of the King James I from England.

The Princess Diana She loved her garden and used to hide in the bushes like a fairy, plus she would lie down for long hours on the grass, so she always wanted to go back to the house where she grew up and that’s why she asked to be buried in it.

His younger brother, Charles, who is responsible for carrying out his sister’s will and left her body next to their father’s, occasionally posts photos of his grave on his Instagram account to let his followers know about his legacy.

But this time, the abandoned place that initially pleased the Princess Diana She has caught people’s attention because it seems that her children and relatives do not visit her often.