kate middleton the actual Wale’s princess and those of the Prince William, He also had a fairly ordinary life and away from the media spotlight. Her role as a single woman, were linked to areas completely removed from issues associated with the british royalty. Even his parents’ backgrounds were not “fully upper” class.

Kate Middleton was born on January 9, 1982 in the Royal Berkshire Hospital, in Reading, United Kingdom. It is not from one Royal family not a millionaire family, his parents were flight attendants at the airline British Airways and has always admitted to liking art, music and photography.

The Princess of Wales’s maiden name was Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, Until she met Prince William at the University of st andrews in Scotland. From there, his life began to change completely.

It was several years since his romance with the eldest son of the deceased Princess Diana It was not made official. It was until 2010 where they confirmed their relationship and got married in 2011.

From there, the maiden role of middleton ceased to exist to become a member of the British royal family. The same one that is currently succumbed to a scandal over the alleged infidelity that William would have committed with the English noblewoman Rose Hanbury.

The truth of all this is that Kate Middleton has managed to position herself as a fairly relevant image in the United Kingdom. She is one of the most popular women in the country, and despite the fact that the last years of the British monarchy have not been easy, she has managed to make her name of general interest.

The future that holds for Kate Middleton in the british royalty It is somewhat uncertain with the rumors of separation from the Prince William. But if there is something that we can rescue from everything, it is that the Princess of Wales could once again exercise her role as a single woman with complete normality.