Jenny of BLACKPINK received a very special gift on his arrival in Korea, here are the details.

Fans love to give their favorite artists gifts so they can see and feel the love and appreciation they feel for them and just a few days ago, Jenny He drew attention to the special gift that a fan gave him at the airport.

On November 22, the artist arrived in Korea after presenting his US tour with his group BLACKPINK, The artists are now preparing for their tour of Europe, despite so many flight hours, the artist dedicated a few minutes to the fans to accept their gifts.

One of the ones that stood out the most was a pink stuffed animal, upon receiving the gift Jenny stopped and leaned into the fans to say hello and thank the people there.

After that, the singer grabbed the stuffed animal and put it in front of her face, which made everyone who witnessed the event excited and happy, even as she walked to the car, she never let go of the stuffed animal.

The photos that have appeared on social networks ensure that Jenny she looked very adorable holding the fan’s gift.

“Hachuping” either “Hearsping” comes from the animated series for children called «catch! teenieping«, This being one of the most popular people in the series.

But… Why is the gift so meaningful to her? It all started when in a video on the YouTube channel «Kizzle», little girls were asked to choose their prettiest artists and a 5-year-old girl chose Jenny and gave him the nickname “Hachuping”.