The relationship between Camilla Parker and Rose Hanbury Follows giving something to talk about in the British media. the wife of king charles and Kate Middleton They have been pointed out as the protagonists of a possible crisis in the British royal family and it is expected that the Coronation of King Charles will be the moment when the tension between the two reaches its highest point.

The controversy began after rumors that the prince william and Rose had a hidden relationship, which would have led to a major feud between Kate and Rose. Although the royal family has not made official statements on the subject, some media claim that the relationship between William and Rose would have lasted several years in secret.

the posture of Camilla Parker This issue has been the subject of speculation in the networks and although some media say that the future queen welcomes the relationship between William and Hanbury, others suggest that her role in the coronation ceremony could lead to a confrontation with the former best friend. of Kate Middleton.

Since the day that Kate assured that she did not expect red roses for Valentine’s Day, some media and Internet users have interpreted this as the clearest sign of a possible crisis in the relationship, even so nothing has been confirmed by the family members. so we have to wait a few weeks to see what happens before the Coronation.