Gerard Piqué’s current partner, Clara Chiacould have gotten tired of so much criticism of her, so this time she would attack the Colombian singer Shakira, mentioning a reason why the soccer player decided to end the relationship with her.

The relationship between the model Clara Chía and the ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué It has been one of the most controversial in recent months, since it began after an infidelity by the Catalan towards the singer Shakira, for which many of the Colombian’s followers have created hate campaigns against the controversial couple.

According to the journalist Roberto AntolinClara Chía with her closest friends always they attack Shakira calling her «old and menopausal» disrespecting the Colombian, in the same way: «Shakira and Gerard Piqué hadn’t had sex for a long time, I don’t know if she has menopause or not, I think she’s too young. I love Shakira, I think she’s a spectacular woman, but they were already having problems and they hadn’t had intimate relationships for a long time“, Mentioned the journalist.

These would be the derogatory terms that Clara Chía uses to defend herself and refer to the singer when she is with her friends or in a discussion with ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué, recalling that the Barranquillera singer with 3 songs first attacked the young woman from 23 yearsout of rage at the betrayal they committed against her.