The successful singer Jin belonging to the band K-Pop, BTShas let his followers see what was the object that for nothing in the world he could forget to start his military service.

Last December 13ththe day the member of bts He was requested before the training center where he will spend his first weeks, he was accompanied by his groupmates, and they kept talking while they waited for Jin was called to form.

His bandmates and the singer arrived at the military center in several black vans, and although a request was made to army not going to fire him, the attitude of his followers surprised, they showed how mature they could be by complying with the artist’s requirement.

While Jin and the other men waited for the call, the artist boasted the essential object that he should always carry while he was doing his military service.

The interpreter of “The AstronautHe took a pair of gray earmuffs from his pockets and put them on, explaining how important the object was: “This is a must have item for soldiers“.

The artist is expected to complete his obligation in the middle of the year 2024, army from now on he is looking forward to it and of course his group bts also.