The revelations that the prince harry has done in his book «Spare«, which was released on January 10, and the interviews he has recently given to various television networks to promote his autobiography, continues to leave his relationship with the British royal family in great tension.

However, it is believed that there may be a reconciliation between Harry, his brother William and his father, King Carlos III, according to information given by members close to royalty and the Dukes of Sussex, thanks to information consulted by “The Times«.

The source assures that the three are going to have a peaceful conversation in a couple of months and I also confirm that the “Tense relationship” is repairable, but that all they have to do is accept what they have done well and also what they have done wrong.

The source said that everyone would have to be in a closed-door room, but not just Harry, William and King Charles, but all of the royal family, including people the Duke of Sussex feels safe with so he doesn’t think. that it is some kind of ambush.

It is also believed that Prince William will be the most difficult family member to convince for a reconciliation, as he is known to have been one of the most affected by Prince Harry’s book.

Harry has never denied the desire to resume a relationship with his family, he has said that it is something that he hopes can happen.