To milan and sasha The issue of the separation of your parents is not easy at all, Pique Y Shakira, but this is of great interest to the media and ‘paparazzi’ who constantly watch outside the residence of the controversial former soccer player.

One of the most recent reports from those responsible for bringing to light the marital crisis that Shakira and Piqué were going through at the time, reveals the relationship that the children of the current ex-partner have with Clara Chia Marti.

«For Piqué’s children, Clara is a friend«, confirm the entertainment journalists. So it can be deduced that for now the relationship that Shakira’s children have with Clara Chia Martí is neutral and without interest in acceptance. It is unknown if this could change in the future, although it is not very difficult to imagine the idea that it will remain the same, since Shakira maintains a solid and strong position with her children.

Eventually the time will come when the minors find out about everything, but for now it’s enough to just have to deal with the ‘shock‘ Media about the separation of their parents, it is expected that the reaction of Sasha and Milan will not be the most convenient for Piqué and Clara.