the deceased Princess Diana of Wales, an icon of United Kingdom and from all over the world, she has also been present at the coronation of her ex-husband, the King Carlos III, how the new monarch of the nation. There, his presence has been the subject of discussion and tribute, same as his son William’s wife did to him, kate middleton and which some may not have realized.

The legacy of Lady Di, It continues to be represented around the world. He is considered one of the most representative of the Contemporary history, and the member of the british royalty most outstanding of all time.

Given this, and despite her death, the iconic Princess continues to receive all kinds of tributes. The most recent, has been done by his daughter-in-law, who has decided to wear a part of it at the coronation of King Carlos III.

In this historic event and before thousands of attendees, the current Wale’s princess has decided to wear a jewel that belonged to Diana, and that was given to her by the Prince William, specifically in the case of earrings.

In its day, this jewel was a gift from Collingwood, a jewelry firm that was one of the favorites of the spencer family and that currently, its meaning is much greater and emotional.

This way, Kate Middleton has achieved that the Princess Diana was present at the coronation King Carlos III, that despite the dark past that existed between the two, he is still the father of his two children.