The proof that the fame of Japanese consumer electronics is a historical significance is also the current owner of Sharp. It is a Taiwanese company Foxcoon, a well-known manufacturer of custom electronics, you iPhone.

Aktuln Sharp produces televisions, smartphones and new Dynabook laptops, which are former Toshiba laptops. In the Czech Republic, the sign was known by calculators, later video recorders and some classic Sharp mobile phones were sold in the Czech Republic. Today, television (manufactured in Europe by UMC), technical equipment (manufactured in Turkish Vestel), air conditioning and modified laptops are sold in the Czech Republic under the Sharp brand.

Sharp smartphones are used sold in the USA, in Europe only margins and the current Sharp dl mobiles only for the Japanese market. And they are interesting devices that would be enjoyed by others elsewhere in the world.

The Leton top model is called the Aquos R7 and follows on from the losk Aquos R6. In fact, there are not so many differences, the main change is in the processor, losk model had the then top processor Snapdragon 888, this year has the current top Snapdragon 8 gen 1.

The two main features and the same exceptions remain. The first is the main camera with an extra thumb shot. In summer R7 m has a resolution of 47.2 Mpix, losk R6 has a resolution of 20 Mpix. Sharp ip vendor neuvd. Last year it was mainly Exmor RS from Sony and this year it will be mainly a supplier of Sony. The optics were tuned by Leica, the Summicron lens with a focal length of 19 mm is composed of seven lenses. Its luminosity is f / 1.9. The main focus is on one auxiliary image for depth of field with a resolution of 1.9 Mpix.

The second specialty is the IGZO OLED display. It has a resolution of 6.6 inches high resolution 2,730 1,260 pixels. That specialty is the extremely high maximum refresh rate of 240 Hz. Displays other mobile phones at 144 Hz. Let’s add that the refresh rate here is adaptive from 1 Hz.

Of the equipment, it is worth mentioning the rich memory equipment. 12 GB of operating memory, 256 GB of user memory and a memory card slot available. The phone is durable, complies with the IP68 standard. The battery has a solid capacity of 5,000 mAh and for the base, the current fingerprint is in the display. Those interested in this novelty can contact Japanese operators NTT Docomo or Softbank from February. The phone will not be on sale elsewhere. The manufacturer has not yet published the price.

Display of the same parameters dn jin mobile on the market nem. There is one alternative to the camera’s inch sensor and it is also available on the Czech market. You can come for 47,000 crowns Sony Xperia PRO-I.