Shakira and Carol G. They show a preview of their new song, and inform their fans of the new premiere date of their first collaboration together.

The two Colombian singers collaborate for the first time after waiting for a song for many years, but according to what Karol G shared, the Barranquilla woman had never felt comfortable with the lyrics of past songs, as she had felt now.

Apparently this is because with this song she has been able to express her feelings without any type of restriction, since as has been reported on several occasions, Shakira prefers to sing songs when she feels that her feelings are in accordance with the lyrics of the song.

For this reason, Shakira has decided to launch a new hint at Gerard Piqué, a man who was unfaithful and a subject for which the relationship could not advance further. But, what her followers know little about is what are the new phrases with which she plans to attack the father of her two children, and when the song will be released.

With the phrase “You going out to look for food and I thinking it was monotony” Shakira decides to criticize her ex with new darts, while it is known that the woman from Antioquia will tell anuel aa “At least with me I kept you pretty.”

The singers announced that their song and music video called “TQG» will be released next February 24or, and they hope that with the success of the song, the two compatriots can reflect on a second song together.