In the midst of their controversial breakup, Shakira Y Gerard Piqué they will celebrate their son’s 10th birthday Milan on January 22, this being the first family celebration since their separation. Which has created all kinds of speculation on social media.

Milan Piqué turns 10 this Sunday and will celebrate it in a completely different way, since this time he will not be able to share as he did before with his grandparents, Montserrat and Joan, who are Piqué’s parents, and Nidia and William, who are the Shakira’s parents, because the relationship between both parties is still too tense.

The details of the Milan birthday party have not yet been released, but it is known that Shakira is in Barcelona with her children, while gerard It’s in France, where the fourth day of the KingLeague.

So Pique is unlikely to be there for his son’s birthday, but perhaps he could be there to celebrate the birthday of his other son, Sasha, whose birthday falls on January 29.

Gerard Piqué’s parents do not plan to visit the Colombian either, as their relationship has apparently ended due to references to his former mother-in-law in the song recently released by the Colombian artist.

However, foreign media reported that the singer and her children will not be alone, as Shakira’s parents will accompany them in the celebration of Milan’s birthday.