This was the reaction of roseMember of BLACKPINKwhen a fan asked her to drink with her in the middle of a concert.

The singer’s reaction has caught the attention of BLINKSand has revealed his personality.

The recent incident occurred at a concert by the members of the group kpop, in the middle of their BORN PINK tour. And it happened just when the singer and her companions were interpreting her song «stay«.

While the artist of 25 years was performing the song, he was able to notice a sign that read “Rosé, I wanna see DRUNKSÉ, Have a drink with me?“It seems that her fans asked the artist to drink with her. To this request Rosie commented: “Right now?«.

And as soon as she wanted to look for a drink nearby, she lost her rhythm in the song, but quickly took her microphone and followed the song, clearly also seizing a blue drink, and while they sang she raised the bottle and toasted with her follower.

Although the singer was unable to take with the fan as she would have liked to fulfill her obligation on stage, she has shown her genuine personality that has been applauded by millions of BLINKS.

Humility and their interaction with fans is paramount for members of BLACKPINK.