Although the rumors of separation between Kate Middleton and the prince william are monopolizing the media at this time, the possible start of the infidelities of the heir to the british throne They date from the year 2019, the year in which he was discovered along with his alleged lover and Kate had a forceful reaction to it.

The Wale’s princess He is in a difficult moment in his life. Rumors of separation and infidelity from Prince William are everywhere and she has refused to send a statement on the subject, despite the fact that she was the one who partly started the rumors.

However, on the subject of alleged infidelity, its origin dates back to the year 2019, when William was caught at a private party with Rose Hanbury, one of Kate’s best friends and someone very close to her royalty.

The photos were released all over the world and generated a huge scandal in public opinion. It was so much the noise that they caused, that middleton had a forceful reaction to the gigantic scandal.

Given the seriousness of the photos and the tarnishing of her husband’s reputation, Kate made the decision to break all ties with Rose Hanbury, their friendship came to an end and he also gave a forceful order in the Buckingham Palace; he didn’t want to see Rose at any event where she was present.

Three years after that fateful moment, the chaos of those photographs returns to make a place for itself in the life of kate middleton since rumors state that the prince william he would be having an affair with Rose Hanbury again.

And you, what do you think of the reaction that Kate Middleton had?