The Colombian Reggaeton Carol G. would have celebrated the decision that his ex-partner, the Puerto Rican ragpicker Anuel AA, he took around his romance with Yailin the most viral. However, she would not want to return to him, she celebrates because a complete Karma would be taking place between the relationship of the two artists of the urban genre.

While Karol is revealing the details of his new album study, would also have welcomed the official separation of Anuel and Yailin with great joy.

the interpreter of ‘provence’ She was the victim of some hints that the Dominican would have sent her in the past months, where she made it clear that she was the one who stayed with the ragpicker.

Now, and according to what is said among the fans of Carol, The Colombian would have chosen to publish some sensual photographs on her official Instagram account, just after the interpreter of ‘Baby’ announced his separation with the interpreter of ‘Chivirika’.

In the photos you can see the Colombian from a bed, where she poses with her typical sensual skills that drive her millions of followers crazy in Instagram. The reggaeton singer knows very well how to attract attention, and this was undoubtedly a good moment to do it.

And you, what do you think about the separation of anuel aa and Yailin the most viral?