The loving relationship between Camilla Parker and the King Charles III it has always been the subject of controversy and debate among royalty. Since they met in 1970, the couple struggled to be together, but the marriage of the then Prince carlos with Princess Diana frustrated all his plans. However, after the tragic death of Lady Dithe couple was finally able to get married in 2005.

Despite the happiness of the couple, society and the media have not given them respite and have maintained the controversy surrounding their relationship to this day, since due to the tragic accident of the Princess Diana was that the now royal couple could be together.

Diana’s children have had to deal with the absence of their mother and with the presence of a stepmother who has always been seen as the third wheel. The relationship between Diana’s children and Camilla Parker It has been complicated, and has been the subject of much news over the years.

But despite everything, the relationship between Camilla Parker and Carlos has survived and finally reached his climax with her coronation with her husband, the King Charles III. This coronation has been seen as a happy ending to a love story that has been the subject of controversy and debate.

Although the debate over Diana’s death continues and will never be fully clarified, Camilla’s coronation as queen consort is a very important event in the history of the British royal family. And while some still question the legitimacy of their relationship, what matters most to the couple is their love for each other and their commitment to their country and people.