Amanda Dudamel, Miss Venezuela has revealed what he looked like some time before performing several surgeries on his face.

After the coronation of the past January 14details have been revealed that the followers did not know about all the candidates, especially the new miss Universe and of Miss Venezueladaughter of the ex-Venezuelan soccer player Raphael Dudamel.

The universal viceroy of beauty named in the past Miss Universe 2023He made some adjustments to his face, according to his report, largely for his health, but also in search of further highlighting his beauty.

Amanda Dudamel shared through her personal account at instagramas he looked before his surgeries, and also recounted the particularity about his “smile on the side”, due to a problem in part of his jaw.

The doctor in charge of the procedure clarified what were the touch-ups that were made to the model: «Amanda underwent minimally invasive orthognathic surgery to correct excess maxillary growth, symmetricalize the face, and improve jaw contour.«.

The representative of Venezuela She was in charge of showing off her photos of what her face looked like before, and she thanked the doctor who helped her in her process, since it was a positive change for her in terms of her safety and self-esteem, but also in her health.