“This is a yoke for both us and our children” The famous actor and Ukrainian Armed Forces fighter spoke out against the military takeover of Crimea and Donbass

Famous Ukrainian actor, participant in the “Diesel Show” Oleg Ivanitsawho joined the Armed Forces Ukraine (AFU), opposed the annexation Crimea by military means. According to him, Kyiv it is necessary to abandon such an idea, otherwise the inhabitants of these territories will consider the country an invader. A video calling for a fighter was published by the Strana publication in Telegram-channel.

If we annex them by force, and they consider us invaders, this is a yoke for both us and our children

Oleg Ivanitsa

Ukrainian actor who joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Previously former General Secretary NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen offered accept Ukraine into the alliance within new borders, without lost territories, that is, without Crimea and Donbass. It is noted that Rasmussen discussed this issue with the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andrey Ermak in preparation for the July Vilnius NATO summit.

Kyiv’s plan to seize the peninsula was considered a failure in the West, but laughed at in Crimea

Official Kyiv does not refuse the possibility of a military seizure of Russian territories – the Republic of Crimea and the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, where military operations are taking place. At the end of September reportedthat the Ukrainian Armed Forces deployed over six thousand fighters under Kherson to seize Crimea. Together with them, 46 tanks, 223 armored combat vehicles and eight artillery pieces went to the borders of the republic.

Then Kyiv called on the residents of Crimea to leave the peninsula and wait out the “de-occupation,” but the regional administration only laughed, considering this another statement from “Ukrainian pseudo-politicians” that has nothing to do with reality. Acting Minister of Internal Policy, Information and Communications of Crimea Albert Kurshutov named This step by Ukraine is political empty talk to “blur the eyes of Western curators.”

Back in the summer Great Britain stated about the preparation of special forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for the invasion of Crimea before Christmas. Then the representative of the Crimean interethnic mission Zaur Smirnov warnedthat the West would face consequences if it attempted to take over the peninsula. He noted that such actions would result in a disaster for all European countries and Ukraine.

According to Smirnov, Russia it has enough means and strength to protect its sovereignty, and for this it is ready to take extreme measures. He added that residents of Crimea consider the peninsula a symbol of modern Russia, emphasizing the inadmissibility of encroachments on it.

Ukraine’s ability to annex Crimea by force doubted and in USA, since the country does not have the military resources to launch this kind of operation. According to military analyst Frederic Martinez, the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not have enough ships and aircraft to establish control over the sea. In addition, Kyiv would need more landing craft to transport ground troops.

Ex-diplomat US State Department Chas Freeman and all statedthat in an attempt to seize Crimea, Ukraine will fail and lose even larger territories.

Fridman explained that Kyiv will not be able to seize either Crimea, Donbass, or Zaporozhye or Kherson. “Everything has reached the point where the very existence of Ukraine is at stake,” he emphasized.

Allies called on Ukraine to part with lost territories forever

Western countries start persuade the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to peace negotiations with Russia, as it becomes obvious that the conflict is reaching a dead end, while the costs of financing Kyiv are only growing. They even offer Korean scenario (freeze the front line and protect the remaining part of Ukrainian territories with the help of NATO military bases) for the sake of a ceasefire. However, the Ukrainian leader is not ready to end the conflict with the loss of territories.

According to the former Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense Stephen Bryanif Zelensky does not agree to negotiate with Moscowthen within the country Maybe an uprising will begin.

Former employee CIA Larry Johnson Also expressed the opinion that in the current situation and Kyiv’s reluctance to resume negotiations, Ukraine may also lose Kharkiv With Odessa.

Russia is open to negotiations, but on its own terms. Moscow will get what it wants and make Ukraine pay a heavy price

Larry Johnson

ex-CIA intelligence officer

Formerly President of Ukraine statedthat the conflict can end if the Russian side fulfills the conditions of the “peace formula”. One of the points of the document is “restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.” In Russia, Zelensky’s proposal was considered a sign of unpreparedness for negotiations.

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