This has never happened before in our city! – Novomichurintsy about the festival “Mult-retro”, held in a new format

July 28 in Novomichurinsk, in the park on Smiryagin Avenue, the festival “Multi-Retro” was held. The holiday in a new format was prepared by the administration of the Pronsky district, the city of Novomichurinsk and the staff of the Energetik Palace of Culture.

“Thanks to thirty-two partners, our festival turned out to be bright and multifaceted,” says Olga Finyakina, First Deputy Head of the Pronsky District Administration.

Fakir, cartoons and straw chairs

And it is true. In a relatively small part of the central park, thousands of Novomichurinsk residents and guests of the city were gathered. Didn’t get bored for a minute. On the big stage with a poster “I love Novomichurinsk” – a big theatrical performance with cartoons from the Soviet era and with a real fakir. Pronsky businessman Dmitry Burdilkin amazes children with tricks. Denis Verchenko, Kristina Lobanova and other artists sing children’s songs. And you can say hello to cartoon characters and take pictures, they are so beautiful, and most importantly – real! Spectators sit and stand on bales of straw – with them, the “auditorium” looks like one of the funny episodes of the cartoon “Just you wait!” It is soft to sit on the straw, and you can still stand and somersault.

In a huge tent, both potters from Skopin and lace masters from Mikhailov are waiting for children and adults. And the Novomichurinsk teacher-artist Anastasia Zakrzhevskaya held a master class (drawing matryoshkas). There is no way to break through to the table of the teacher of the Novomichurinsk School of Arts Alexander Chichigin: the children are sculpting toys from clay. Anya Astakhova, Maxim Baranov and Anton Puchka with their pieces of clay even sat down on the grass not far from the tent.

“I see this in our city for the first time,” Anton says seriously. “Many guys don’t know how to sculpt. I help all children … “

“My son, Grigory, and I have already visited the potter’s wheel and made a whistle out of clay. And in the neighboring tent, where master classes are held by culinary specialists, they themselves made salad and rolls, – says Svetlana Agafonova. – And they also took a lot of pictures with my sister Alyonushka and her brother Ivanushka. These are the kind of festivals our city needs!”

“This eclair was also made right in front of my eyes,” adds six-year-old Grisha. “And it’s so delicious!”

The most important good mood

The people are not bored. Participants of the quest (a random number generator selected them in advance) go looking for treasures. A team of 10 “pirates” is ironing the city on the map.

“Cool and interesting,” the guys respond.

And many still take selfies with goats, heifers, ducks and sheep. Yulia Biryukova brought them to the holiday. Why not a petting zoo?

The guys from Pushkin near Moscow, together with their teacher Alexei Kononaev from the section of acrobatic jumps – seven people – are preparing to show their art. In fact, they rest at the base in Sadko, and the invitation to the festival was accepted with enthusiasm.

Chairman of the organizing committee of the festival Alexander Shastitko:

“The most important thing is that everyone is in a good mood. And the purpose of the holiday is to acquaint our children with kind, smart Soviet cartoons. Today it is so important to educate the younger generation in the traditions of kindness and love for their small homeland.”

Valentina Fedulova, retired:

“I like that this grand event took place in our city on Thursday, on a weekday. Parents came from work, took the children by the hands, and the whole family had such a good rest!”