It has been observed that one of the sons of the prince william and Kate Middleton, I do not bow to Queen Camilla Parker.

The coronation that was held last May 6th has been very successful despite some concerns and small delays that concerned the King Charles III due to the rain that occurred on this day. This coronation was a historical event, since the people of the United Kingdom I was witnessing a new coronation again after many years, so it was an event that stole the world’s attention to witness every detail of what was happening with the monarchs.

In the same way to celebrate the coronation, the monarchs had prepared a concert for all the public in the windsor castle where famous singers would perform, but before the whole nice show started, there was an awkward moment between one of Prince William’s children towards his grandmother Camilla Parker.

According to pagesixThe minor protagonist was the princess charlottebecause she had a significant mistake in the coronation concert, and that is that when King Carlos III and Queen Camilla Parker were going to take their seats in the royal box, the little girl curtsied before the monarch, but when she passed Queen Princess Charlotte did not do the same.

This mistake may have worried Kate Middleton and Prince William, but Queen Camilla didn’t seem concerned about the little girl’s mistake, only touching the girl’s arm as she passed, perhaps representing that she had no problem.