A mysterious boy revealed to feel “regretful” of having been with him golden maknae of BTS, What have been the reasons?

And one, Member of ITZY “regrets” being with Jungkook for not having looked like she would have liked to be in front of the idol

A lot of personalities have revealed that the members of bangtan in person they are much more handsome, humble, and imposing, (speaking in a good way), as they are world superstars with a lot of personality.

This caused this girl to feel bad when she was with Jungkook, since the ITZY member, who had the opportunity to act with the South Korean singer before debuting while she was only 14 years old, claimed not to feel “pleasant” at all. to be next to the Golden Maknae.

“Honestly, I felt so bad”

The singer lamented that she did not look healthy and pretty like the rest of the girls who appeared in the collaborative video, since in one of the scenes she was in a hospital and had to look “sick.” To make matters worse, she discovered that at the end of the filming her part was not even included in the video.

And one He also added that he recorded another scene with Jungkook, but having no experience, the recording did not go well at all, because she did not feel comfortable working with so many people.

For this reason, his voice never came out in any of the idol scenes, despite having met Jungkook, their work together did not turn out as expected.

The singer also expressed that she might wish she had the opportunity to be by Jungkook’s side again, as it would certainly be a great honor for her.