One of the members of the famous South Korean singing group, btscould become the next model of the prestigious clothing brand Calvin Klein.

It could be the youngest member of the quintet, jeon jungkooksince recently the creative director of the brand Cedric Murac, has begun to follow the South Korean artist on the Instagram social network, immediately after this the army(BTS fans) of BTS did not wait and began to spread the aforementioned rumor.

It would not be unusual since some of his bandmates have already negotiated with important firms in the fashionand it is that the young star has previously shown to be a fan of this renowned brand of men’s intimate clothing,

Being the youngest member of BTS, Jeon Jungkook will be the last of the group to provide his mandatory military service in South Korea, and he is also one of those who will venture as soloist very soon, for these and other reasons the ARMY hopes that it will not be long

mpo to be able to finally fulfill his dream of seeing the young Jungkook modeling in underwearcould be participating in one of the future campaigns and photo shoots of the famous brand, South Korean media say.