It has recently been discovered by the army that one of the members of the highly acclaimed musical band of the kpop, btshas deactivated his official account instagram and it’s about jungkookwho has given more than one of his followers a great scare on this social network.

Many of his followers were confused when they entered the artist’s profile and saw that his account had been deactivatedeven believing that perhaps it would have been sabotaged by an expert on these issues on social networks, due to the rumor that a sasaeng has been harassing.

The BTS ARMY immediately began spreading rumors as to why this happened, many of the messages and comments reaching the singer Jungkook, so he was quick to give a explanation what was going on with his Instagram account.

He made clear the reasons why his Instagram profile was deactivated through the famous Asian social network WeverseJungkook decided eliminate his Instagram account mainly because he hardly used it, the BTS member assured, and also said that he will continue to do his live broadcasts, but through Weverse, he confirmed that he will not use Instagram, at least for a long time.