“According to our information, the Pentagon has helped transport the ground equipment of the Starlink satellite company (managed by Musk’s Space X) to the Ukrainian army,” Rogozina was quoted as saying. Russian state television on your site.

“Musk is therefore involved in supplying fascist forces in Ukraine with military communications. And for that, Elon, you will suffer the consequences as an adult, no matter how hard you try to look like a fool, “Rogozin wrote on Telegram.

The head of Roscosmos referred to the alleged testimony of the captured Chief of Staff of the 36th Ukrainian Marine Brigade, who, according to Rogozin, pointed out that Starlink equipment had been delivered to the “Azov Nazi Regiment and the Ukrainian Navy”.

“The word ‘Nazi’ does not mean what Rogozin thinks it means,” said Musk, who shared Rogozin’s post in both English and Russian originals on Twitter. “If I die under strange circumstances, I’m glad to meet you all,” the visionary added sarcastically.

That’s not funny, Muska’s mother scolded

On Musk’s words according to the letter The Independent his mother Maye Musk replied. “It’s not funny,” she scolded her son on Twitter. “Sorry mom, I’ll do anything to stay alive,” Musk apologized.

The billionaire also responded to a contribution by Indian engineer Pranay Pathole, who is one of Musk’s rock supporters. He, too, was concerned about the visionary’s safety in connection with the post.

“Elon and his adventures are the reason why I wake up every morning full of hope, optimism, joy and excitement that humanity has a better future. Take care of yourself, Elon. The world needs you, “Pathole wrote. Musk subsequently named his post “I Like It.”

This is not the first time Rogozin has focused on Musk. When the billionaire in March called in response to the invasion of Ukraine Russian President Vladimir Putin to a one-on-one duelRogozin mocked Musk on the Internet for “tweeting from the toilet” and called him a “little devil.”