A whole family from the East of Ukraine, together with an Italian millionaire and a girl from St. Petersburg, beat the enemy as part of the 68th separate jaeger brigade

Two brothers, together with their father, are fighting along with a girl from St. Petersburg with a call sign "screw"

Two brothers, together with their father, are fighting together with a girl from St. Petersburg with the call sign “Gadget” / Photo: Collage: Today

In the Ukrainian army in the east of the country there is a military formation in which serving the whole family – A father with two sons. As it became known, we are talking about the 68th separate jaeger brigade. We found out the details of how this family is fighting the Russian occupiers.

“It’s true. Me, my brother and our father serve in the same platoon,” says one serviceman of this brigade Sergey. “The story of our family is this: my father divorced my mother when I was very young. raised by an aunt. My father lived with another family. Years later, somewhere in 2017 or 2018, I found out that I have a brother. I found him by chance, by last name. I asked him if he was not Zhenya his father’s name. He confirmed, but even after that for a long time we could not meet with him, my brother, because I was in the eighth year at the war. We met with him in January.”

I went to the draft board after my brother

According to Sergei, after the full-scale invasion of Russia began, he immediately went to the draft board.

“My brother found out about this. He said that he sent his family to Poland, and he himself serves in the territorial defense. I called him to serve with me. A little later, our father found out about all this. By the way, he fought in Afghanistan at one time “, he has good combat experience. He called his brother and said that he wanted to join us. My brother then told me that the old man wanted to join us, he was eager to fight. The battalion commander allowed it,” says Sergey.

The 68th brigade clarified that the father of these guys actually reacted quite emotionally to the fact that both of them are defending Ukraine. “The sons are fighting, but what if I’m going to lie down at home? A father cannot live without his sons,” the press service of the brigade quotes him as saying.

“As a result, all three of us serve, we constantly carry out combat missions together. As a platoon commander, as a senior, I treat my family more strictly, but I try to take care of my father, he is 57 years old. We are all infantry. By the way, we have one technical know-how, which we will be ready to talk about after the war. No one has this, but now it’s impossible to tell. We all love Ukraine very much and we will tear the enemy to the end,” says Sergey.

They serve together with an Italian millionaire and a girl from St. Petersburg

Sergey adds to this that in their team, not only their family, but also one of the Italian millionaires draws attention to themselves.

“This man is a native of Ukraine, but he lived in Italy for a long time. He gave up everything and came to us. Soon our team will tell about him.”

A girl with the call sign Gadget serves in the same brigade. She is a native Russian, born in St. Petersburg, lived in Mariupol for a long time, then moved to Kyiv.

Sergey, by the way, is from Severodonetsk. Many here have reasons for which to take revenge on the enemy. They say it helps to fight.

We have previously reported on how Professor of Uzhgorod National University, while fighting, lectures from the trenches.

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