It has recently been revealed who was the person who encouraged him to Shakira to record with bizarrehis recent musical success with which he has broken records.

Music Sessions #53is a song by the Colombian Shakira in collaboration with the Argentine composer and producer better known as Bizarrap, the objective of the song is apparently to carry out an official attack towards Gerard Piquéformer partner of the singer, and his current girlfriend Clara Chiawoman with whom Piqué was unfaithful to the singer.

And although the song has been praised and criticized a lot, new news surprises the public. It was recently revealed who was the person who suggested the interpreter of “Monotony» perform the song with Bizarrap. The fans of him clearly did not expect this.

Days before, he criticized the Colombian 45 yearsfor her acting as a mother, and they claimed that she was making a mistake in monetizing while attacking the father of her children, without taking into account that at some point the children would understand the lyrics of the song, but apparently they were the ones who gave her success to the topic.

What many did not imagine was that it was one of the singer’s own children, who encouraged her to make the song.

Milanson of the Barranquillera of only 9 years of age suggested to his mother to record with the Argentine DJ, of whom the minor is a fan. The topic so far has more than 70 million of productions, and of course, the children were some of the first to enjoy the song.