The legal conflicts that have recently Shakira Y Gerard Piqué Thanks to their separation and the fight for custody of their two children, they could have made the way they got along worse thanks to all these problems that had eliminated any kind of affection they had for each other.

The lawyer in charge of the separation process and the custody of their two children, would have issued a series of statements where she specified what is the relationship that both personalities currently have.

What the lawyer has not been able to deny in any way is that there is a bad relationship between the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’ and the former soccer player Barcelona Fc, and let the lawyers be what you have to mediate because they can’t even speak to each other.

These statements draw a lot of attention from fans, since when they both announced their separation, they assured that they would continue to communicate for the well-being of their two children, Sasha Y Milan. However, it seems that the differences between the two have been stronger and now they cannot be supported.

Shakira At the moment he is also pending the setback due to the issue of his father’s health, William Mebarack, who has been forced to be admitted to the hospital on more than one occasion. For this reason, Shakira can choose to postpone for a while the USA to continue living in Barcelona close to his parent.