various media in Spain have been revealing that the Colombian artist has maintained a close link with the Spanish artist Alejandro Sanz several years.

the spanish journalist Xavier de Hoyos, of the program Show Partners, has affirmed a controversial revelation in the midst of the break between the Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué Y Shakira, Well, the matter has taken an unexpected turn by pointing out that the Colombian is looking for all legal alternatives to take her children to live in Miami, United States, not only for his well-being, but also to meet again with an old love that would be Alejandro Sanz.

“It was thought that they opened the doors to a reconciliation, but Alejandro Sanz is in Miami. He is encouraging her to leave… They have had a secret bond for more than fifteen years, “said the journalist.

According to information from Javier de Hoyos, the connection between Shakira and Alejandro Sanz bore fruit many years ago, exactly from 2005, the year they collaborated together in the worldwide success “torture”, so from then on they have not stopped talking and being great friends.

Through the portal called “Present” It was reported that Alejandro Sanz has been behind all of Shakira’s decisions, beginning with the decision to want to leave Barcelona to reside in Miami with her children, since it seems that she has seriously consulted Alejandro on these decisions and wishes.

However, it is well known that Alejandro Sanz has an affair with the singer Rachel Valdes since 2019, where at every opportunity he has, he gives her a show of affection and shows it off through his social networks.