The statements made by various media regarding the possible economic problems that Gerard Piqué would be facing right now, have not ceased in recent days. Now they even presume that the soccer player would be bankrupt after his breakup with his ex-partner, the Colombian singer Shakira.

Karma is consuming Pique, and it is hitting him where it hurts the most. Find out, several Spanish media outlets have assured that the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc It is not going through its best economic moment, since it is rumored that it is bankrupt, due to the fact that the company Kosmos he would be bankrupt and this is thanks to nothing more and nothing less than his break with Shakira.

Gerard Piqué, although he does not accept it, is going to miss Shakira a lot, since she was the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’ the one who, thanks to her image, helped a lot in her company Kosmos, She gave him financial help and on some occasions she was the one who signed the business agreements thanks to her contacts and above all to her great fame and worldwide public support.

Piqué is currently with his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti in Prague, Czech Republic, and they were seen taking a low-cost flight, reasons for which the rumors of serious financial problems for the athlete increased even more.

And you, do you think Gerard Piqué you are realizing the consequences you are facing for having separated from Shakira?