Shakira last week he became the most searched person on Google for his song with Bizarap “BZRP Music Session #53”, a song full of hints towards his ex-partner, the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, and his current partner Clara chia, who have been talked about a lot lately.

On “BZRP Music Session #53,” the 45-year-old entertainer launched into lines about her ex-partner, like “so much that you gave yourself as a champion and when I needed you you gave your worst version” either “I understood that it’s not my fault that they criticize you, I only make music, sorry that I splashed you«.

There is no doubt that the lyrics of the song, in which Shakira mentions Piqué’s partner, Clara Chía, is true and that is why the Spanish media have dedicated themselves to further investigating the young woman.

Marisa Blazquezwho is a collaborator in the program “El programa de AR”, said that Clara Chía was not well at all.

She was having a hard time and Gerard told her not to worry. She had taken refuge with her parents and that this song has hurt her a lot. Let’s be aware, she is a 24 year old female.

Joaquin Prat warned in the same program that “the song can affect the relationship between Clara and Piqué«.

The part of the song that could have caused some kind of problem in Gerard’s relationship was: “I will not return with you, nor that you cry to me or beg me«. This sentence went viral on social networks, since Internet users suspect that Gerard Piqué would have asked Shakira to come back.

«The AR Program“He said that Clara was calm with everything, but that she is fed up with the situation.

She is calm, but somewhat overwhelmed. She understands that it is the toll she has to pay for falling in love with Gerard. She has her family and faithful friends of hers, who have become her greatest comfort and cloth of her tears.