According to official sources to the popular South Korean group, bts will not attend bbmas 2022. Why won’t they?

At the BBMAS 2022, bangtan has received seven nominations in six categories:

top duo or group, top selling song artist, top global billboard artist (excluding USA), Top Selling Song, Billboard’s Top Global Song (excluding US), and Top Rock Song. In the best-selling song category, the songs were nominated “butter” Y “Permission to Dance”-.

According to sources, the popular Kpop group recently decided to miss the ceremony that will take place in the city of Las Vegas, United States.

Sources say that BTS will focus instead on preparing for their new album, “Proof”, which will be released on June 10 worldwide and in which Bangtan will prepare several surprises for ARMY.

Did you expect to see BTS giving a performance at the BBMAS 2022?