On Saturday when the coronation of King Carlos III was taking place, erase revealed a tender photo on prince archie and her grandmother the late Princess Diana.

He May 6th the day the coronation of the King Charles III and the current queen Camilla Parker There was also an important event for former members of the royal family, which would be the birthday of Prince Archie, son of the prince harry and Meghan Markle. Despite all the controversies caused by the Dukes of Sussex towards the royal family in recent years, they were invited to the coronation of King Charles III, but the duchess would have made the decision not to accompany her husband to the coronation of his father-in-law to celebrate the important day of their firstborn.

EXPRESS UKcomments that while the coronation was taking place A very close friend of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would have shared on social networks a tender photo of Prince Archie holding a portrait of his grandmother Princess Diana, who was wearing a wedding dress and a tiara, this photograph would have been shared as a congratulation for the fourth birthday of the firstborn of the Dukes of Sussex.

The followers of the Sussexes would have recognized that the photograph would be from the mini documentary of Netflix of this couple, which is why I fill many with joy and likewise with positive messages towards this publication and towards Prince Archie for his birthday.