He King Carlos III, the new monarch of the United Kingdom, has set off alarms about his current state of health, which has been deteriorating in the last year and could limit his activities as King of the United Kingdom.

The health of King Carlos III and the recent reports of his health that have been accentuated with the recent report in the media Mirror, they have triggered the alarms of the press about the situation that the husband of the Queen consort could be going through Camilla Parker.

As revealed, the son of Isabel II It would be presenting numerous problems when it comes to mobilizing. These rumors have increased with the recent news confirming that the monarch will not travel to Swiss to do his traditional ski race, since he is not feeling well at all.

Several portals also ensured that the King is aware of what is happening, so he would have made the decision to save all his energy for his official coronation, which will be in the month of May and will become a historic event for the United Kingdom, since the last time this ceremony was held was when his mother was crowned more than 70 years ago.

The father of the princes harry and William He is already 74 years old, so his health is much more exposed to experiencing different problems. His mobility has worsened and he knows very well that he cannot expose himself to any kind of danger.

The King wishes to have his official coronation and does not want his health to be an impediment for that moment so historical and so special to him.

And you, what do you think about the situation in which the king charles III?