The Spanish journalist jordi marti just reported that Gerard Piqué, Former Spanish soccer player and former partner of the Colombian singer Shakira, he was unfaithful to his current girlfriend, the young Clara Chia Marti. The evidence, some alleged photos with a lawyer who is also quite young.

The problems for Piqué continue to go from strength to strength in recent weeks, since even with the premiere of the musical session that Shakira did with the Argentine producer Bizarre, There are other problems that the Catalan will have to face and that now have him between a rock and a hard place.

And it is that the famous journalist and paparazzi Jordi Martí assures that Piqué would be unfaithful to Clara Chia with a young woman named Julia Puig, who is a Spanish lawyer with a master’s degree in law.

In the publication he quotes Piqué, writing to him and asking him the following:

“Do you know her, Gerard? Then, do not be surprised that Shakira throws the whole world on top of you.

These statements add even more drama to the turbulent breakup story between Shakira and the former soccer player Barcelona Fc, Since Clara Chia was that woman for whom Piqué decided to leave the Colombian, so being unfaithful would be a very hard blow for her also employee.

What is true is that these controversies would fall like a glove for Shakira, who has spared nothing with his lyrics to throw hard darts at his ex-partner and the woman they changed her for.

And you, what do you think of the possible infidelity of Gerard Piqué to Clara Chia Martí?