The controversial romance between Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti It continues to give a lot to talk about, and it is that now and according to what was reported by a renowned Argentine journalist, the couple would be expecting their first baby, something that has impressed thousands of Internet users on social networks.

The relationship of the former partner of the Colombian singer Shakira with the young Clara Chia Martí, who was her direct replacement, is a topic that receives much criticism on the networks.

He former athlete he kept his affair with Clara a secret while still living with Shakira, something that many people consider very unethical and shameless of him.

But in the end, when his break with the artist, It didn’t take him long to let himself be seen holding hands with his new love, who seems to be quite excited, to the point that he has completely ignored all the criticism that has been made of him for almost a year.

But now, and according to what was reported by the popular journalist Gustavo Ceriani, pique and Clara Chia they would be expecting a baby, something that falls like a bucket of cold water to all fans of Shakira.

The couple was caught in a pharmacy buying a pregnancy test, the photo was obtained clandestinely, it places them in the place and according to what Ceriani revealed, he asked the person who attended them and she confirmed what they were buying.

“The woman who sold it to me told me,” he said. Ceriani, with the exclusive of a purchase that sets off all the alarms and provokes a new wave of comments regarding the romance that the Catalan maintains with the 23-year-old girl.