The Puerto Rican Trapper anuel aa He suffered a series of criticisms for the spelling errors he had in a publication, causing the interpreter to get angry and respond to his detractors. However, social networks realized that the trapper again made a mistake in the spelling of him and only ended up receiving more ridicule.

Through his official account Instagram, Anuel warned his fans that he was going to do a live broadcast. He ragpicker it took a moment and through a story he told his followers that he was going to make the video.

However, what really caught the attention of his story was the terrible othergraphic errors he had, which became the subject of ridicule among his followers.

«Sorry to my real fans, waiting for the whole world, I’m going to do the live today. I signed up for the jinasio now make rebellion to the Trap God” he wrote on the first Instagram story, drawing immediate criticism for his misspelling despite the fact that he is a public personality.

After the wave of criticism, anuel posted another story to fix the bug. However, she did it wrong again.

«Ginasio*. Now everyone is dam perfect,” she noted.

But that was not all, since he tried it for a third time and he also did it wrong. It was the fourth time that the ragpicker finally wrote right “gym”, and it was because he himself admitted that he had to look for the dictionary to see how it was written.

«Gym, I have gone to see the dictionary and everything. Stay tuned for the live right now I’m going to do it, stay tuned “

The embarrassing moment went viral on social networks, where thousands of people mocked the bad way of writing the interpreter of ‘Baby’.