What psychological problems are hospitalized in vs dtt patients?
We have two separate, two and a boy. As for the door, we have the most common issues of depression, self-pity, suicide attempts, mental anorexia, pseudo-hallucinations and the use of anxiety. In boys, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Extreme Aggressiveness, and Depressive Disorder, as well as in children, were associated with suicide attempts.

How many patients do you currently have in pi?
The capacity of the hospital is 50 drugs and we are currently full. The mental state of dt is deteriorating and the pm parallel them with a two-year covid pandemic. There was a case of mental anorexia, both for children and boys, especially children who rode in high performance before pandas, both in cycling and in off-road activities, in sports. Suddenly, they saw activities and, for fear of gaining weight, restricted food. There were also bone disorders and social phobias, when children, after several isolations, did not manage to return between the peers.

You have been working in the field for tinct years. Did the psychological sweat of children and adolescents change during that time?
Urit yes and much. Two of us had more naughty children with various breeding disorders, when neither the birth nor the wheels could do it. Not that these children disappear completely now, but that they are sleeping on an outpatient basis. There has been a recent attempt at suicide. This mainly concerns the age group from 12 to 17 years, recently we have also registered a large number of boys with suicidal proclamations and tendencies.

How type of suicide do children choose?
These are most often drug intoxications. Unfortunately, these cases can easily be caught, but they can result in damage to health. We had, for example, a couple who took 30 tablets of parallels, where there was a strong risk of liver failure. Discuss what the children are talking about on social sites, where you can work in different groups. Recently, however, they have confirmed and are more destructive ways of suicide to jump under the train, too, that’s unfortunately fatal.

MUDr. Nikol Pibilov (38)

Nikol P

She has been running the Louny Children’s Psychiatric Hospital since January 2022, before which she was the head of the boys’ ward and prime minister for several years. In total, it has been here since 2010.

She studied general education at the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague and postgraduate studies in the field of neuroscience.

Until 2015, she worked as a researcher in the field of neuropsychiatry, and now also provides outpatient care as a psychiatrist for children and adolescents, dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in children and adolescents.

m is it caused by?
This is how we ask ourselves. The pin of the depressive state that leads to suicide is more. I do not want to generalize, but I think that the children do not have the same duties. We make many conversations with parents of children’s patients. Somehow, as children continue to ride, where they do, I have to put pressure on them, not two children, but after returning home, you practically don’t have to do anything. They are very little involved in the reality of life. I feel like don’t even fight for your life. Their material needs are often and excessively full, with emon needs it is unfortunately different. Another group is children with congenital tendencies to depression and other mental disorders.

How can children generally help?
I will be unpopular with my views, but I think that general children in families can be helped by setting clear rules that work. The children have two boundaries in which I move, and at the same time I feel very confident. At the same time, there is a need to express kindness and support in children’s families.

How reim have dtt patients set up at vs?
Reim’s therapy is the basis of a healthy development. It takes about seven hours, then it’s easy to warm up, take off, individual visits. Then they are in the bike, create a basic bike that works for them here. In the afternoon they have peace and follow different afternoon activities, therapies, sports, libraries, we go on trips. Veerka is between eight and nine, weekends are more quiet. Children can use a mobile phone at a specified time, but they have a banned internet. It is not suitable for them to be on social sites. We also want to show them that their free time can last differently.

You recently went to two doors. They managed to find them out in a few days. ete tky often?
This case was extraordinary because it was mainly filled with tk, which is believed to have arranged the transport of friends from outside. They disappeared on return. To prevent this, it happens, but in most cases, children can be traced in a short time.

How long is the average length of hospitalization?
The average number of hospitalizations lasts between three and six weeks, followed by outpatient care. But there are also children who are here, it is very individual and depends on a lot of factors, such as cooperation with the family. There is pressure to shorten the time of treatment and to move to the outpatient clinic, due to the high number of children with mental health and the lack of staff both in treatment and outpatient care.

Mental illness is sometimes trivial. At what point should their parents actually point out that this is not a pubertal bed and seek professional help from the world?
Every parent should be alerted at a time when children are behaving differently, they are isolated from their families, they have limited social contacts. The kind of extreme is when it takes time and power out there and there is a risk of drug dependence. Rodi should try to find out what is happening, but not to push the children again. If he or she notices the handling of food, he or she should contact an expert, as this may not work. Unfortunately, such breeding children can hide for a very long time. On the other hand, breeding, when a teenager refuses to clean his room or can not take the dishes out of the dishwasher, is completely uneven and there is no need to threaten and turn to a child psychiatrist.

The Children’s Psychiatric Hospital in Louny is one of the children’s psychiatric hospitals in the Czech Republic. What is it?
There are few children in psychiatric work, this field is in the medical field, but it is not the case that there are only those, there are more of them. We belong to these separate organizations, so we are not part of the hospital. It’s a coincidence that we are a family business. The downside, however, is that there are few of us on the personal page. In general, pedopsychiatry should be reconsidered. If we take care of mental health from childhood, there is not much need in adulthood.

You have been the editor since January. Your goal is to stabilize it not only on the personal page, but also to improve the quality of child care. In what direction?
Both are related. Lkask staff managed to stabilize only the basement, we manage young colleagues with an interest in the field, currently we are looking for nurses and educators. We have been struggling with space for many years. Unfortunately, we do not have our own building, but we are aware of what complicates some of the construction rights we would need to carry out. We would like to own a building and we are tipping suitable land. We primarily want to stay in Louny in order to stay in the region, but also because Louny is also available from the Central Bohemian Region and Prague.

This should create a day care center for children and adolescents in Louny. What time is it?
The project depends mainly on the personal and financial situation and, last but not least, on suitable premises. It would be designed for mining children so that they could continue to stay in the environment they know and work in families again, and according to children who would have a worsening condition but would not need hospitalization.

Are patients ready to help even a traumatized child from Ukraine?
There will probably need to be a strong increase between them. We discuss the situation with colleagues from other countries. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity for a hospitalization of these children. But let’s not get your hands off it and get involved, as it will be in our silch.