The ravages that you are suffering Clara Chia Marti after the premiere of ‘Bzrp Music Sessions vol 53’ of Shakira with Bizarre, they remain dormant in their environment. And it is that the young and new girlfriend of Gerard Piqué she is being cruelly harassed in the streets, where people play her song every time they see her walk.

The crude letters that Shakira has thrown in her music session with Bizarrap, they are a clear and direct message for his ex-partner and for Clara Chia Martí, that young woman for whom they changed her and the one who was a participant in all this betrayal.

But the truth of all this is that the intentions of the colombian they are being fulfilled, since the young woman has been vilely humiliated in the streets and at work, since every time they see her, they put the topic that is currently viral in all the social media and on all streaming platforms worldwide.

“A very uncomfortable situation happened. She goes down the street and suddenly people stop her to ask who she is. Once they recognize that it is Clara Chía, they sing the song to her,” they stated on the program. Mamarazzis.

The hard darts he threw Shakira They are a message that minimizes the young woman, comparing her to brands of cars, watches, and making similarities to the difference in age and maturity that could exist between the two.

And although many criticized Shakira and accused her of being a fake feminist, her fans have massively supported the initiative to attack Clara Chia with this song, which has allowed the star to gain even more popularity among the public.