In less than three months since its release at the acne RPG Elden Ring has managed to score more than 13 million games and due to postponement of Starfield and the second Stalker for five years, especially the title of the year 2022 in his pocket (see our reviews). In addition to feeling absolutely gifted, this result of the collaboration between the fantasy writer GRR Martin and the genius designer Hidetaka Miyazaki arouses frustration.

Mr. LetMeSoloHer became a legend in the RPG Elden Ring community, killing his biggest boss in a thousand.

Compared to the vast majority of other mainstream games, this is extremely difficult, so many of them broke their teeth. The special part of the fights with the bosses requires, in addition to precise filling and lightning reflexes, also a known degree of patience in finding their weaknesses. Among the toughest enemies in this regard is Malenia, a warrior, her helmet has become an unofficial symbol of the game. Since her death is not a condition for the completion of the main process, many prefer to avoid her due to her regenerative abilities.

Only then, what is insurmountable for some, represents a challenge for others that needs to be overcome. Among the handful of these statenches, the games appearing under the nickname LetMeSoloHer, which can be freely piloted as Let me alone. In my duel with Maleni so small that her defeat does not even need a day of strong equipment and, in addition to the necessary briefs covering the intimate parts of the nose, they only have an ugly helmet.

Even with this miserable equipment, he is such a strong ally that the rest of the multiplayer mode will help him. Although the help of the song, as his nickname, the taster, who honors his presence, just stands back and watching the master at work.

LetMeSoloHer caught up and on his T-shirts.

It didn’t take long for LetMeSoloHer to become a legend. His skill with clan plates thousands of fans, his unusual appearance has become a pattern that mimics cosplayei. You even get on with it buy a t-shirt.

When Malenie was about to kill Malice a few days ago, it became a much-watched event, about which practically all the world of media games wrote, and hundreds of memes, jokes and fanarts were created in his honor.

No one knows the true identity of the mysterious game, but of course his reputation has reached the author of the game from Bandai Namco, from where they sent him a special reward.

On the other hand, it would not be a day hern communityso as not to find the price of apples, which this phenomenon despises.

On the one hand, I have individuals who claim that it’s not really anything special and can do it themselves, they just did not get much attention, on the other hand there are not a few who are waiting for help from LetMeSoloHer so fiercely, and any other hunter who he wants to help them in multiplayer, I’m sorry.