The show responds to the current increase in construction prices and the difficulty in finding free craft terms. At the same time, he wants to show that if you have the opportunity to find an expert who will show you how to do it, it is not a problem to prove your work on your own, in addition to significant financial savings.

In this work, the miraculous number is 94,000 crowns. While the original estimate of the turnkey construction was about 160 thousand crowns, they paid about 66 thousand for the material and necessary work to which they had to invite an expert.

It is clear that the homeowners cost the repair a lot of effort, many times during the work they “almost divorced”, as they admitted, but at the same time they found out what they can do. And you almost can’t find those almost one hundred thousand lying on the ground.

The family lives in a family house in Kladno, literally in the shadow of Poldovka with a view of the chimneys of the famous factory. Although Václav Adamec’s unattractive outlook was shocking at first sight, he was all the more surprised by what Lenka and Mirek had already managed to create in their kingdom.

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They are gradually reconstructing their house, but they are currently facing a shortage of good craftsmen who would be able to complete the last stages of repairs. The attic and most of the ground floor have already been adapted to their painting, but they lack to complete the entrance hall, including the adjacent toilet, and unify the doors, including tiles and tiling.

At the same time, they are both quite skilled. Mirek is a hard worker who is not afraid of any work. And Lenka proved to be a skilled bricklayer during her work, who is not afraid of any work with construction chemistry, she throws mortar like a pro, she cuts the blocks with millimeter precision. With a slight degree of exaggeration, Adamec even straightened her straight to his own construction company.

What they have to do: demolish the existing door frames in the toilet, tear down the existing trim and lay new ones. Lenka received a demolition hammer to remove the old tiles and Mirek a crowbar to demolish the old door frames.

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Adamec was shocked at how well they were up to the task. People turned out to be clever and active. All you have to do is show them how to do it, and then leave them room for initiative.

However, one snag occurred during the reconstruction. Mirek interpreted the information on the bag of tile adhesive a little differently than he should have, which can be forgiven for an amateur. Read that it was frost-resistant, he left the bags outside in the cold.

Which worked for them. Durability is guaranteed only after processing and curing. So when the master came to check the laid paving, he found that the glue had not hardened, and it is still like mud after two days.

For Lenka and Mirek, that meant only one thing. Remove, clean and re-install the entire paving and tiles. Which had a slight effect on their mental condition. There is only one thing to say: one learns through mistakes. And the next time Mirek tiles something, he definitely won’t leave the bags of glue out in the cold.