Jungkook, the youngest and most popular member of the South Korean Kpop septet btshas a double in Latin America, specifically in Mexico. He ARMY, He is the one who has been in charge of making the individual go viral and is already a viral topic on social networks.

Mexican BTS fans have impressed ARMYs around the world as they claim they have found their true doppelganger. Jungkook.

How many know, the golden maknae He is a very famous and coveted star worldwide, so having doubles and impersonators is a common thing in his daily life.

However, in Mexico they have found a double that has caused a lot of laughter among the fandom, since it is a very famous and popular character from the television aztec and latin

It is broken from Adrian Uribe, a very popular Colombian comedian in Mexico, and that the army compared to the singer for the great reason that both have the same hairstyle and the same “style” of handsome.

Laughter could not be missing social networks, where it could not be denied that the comparison between the two characters does have some kind of similarity and resemblance.

And you, do you like it twice as much? bts in Mexico?