In the last few hours, a video has gone viral in which the Spanish footballer is seen Gerard Piqué with his girlfriend, the young Clara Chia Marti at the house of her ex-partner, the Colombian singer, dancer and composer Shakira. This event has generated all kinds of comments in social networks, since the data of the video is from more than a year ago, when he was still the interpreter’s boyfriend.

Since the ex footballer of the Barcelona Fc He was seen with his new and young girlfriend, the press Y paparazzi they have been behind them at all times and circumstances.

That is why, in social networks it has been possible to discover each of the details of this courtship. And now, it has also been possible to discover through a video that their relationship already existed long before they separated from Shakira.

Despite the fact that the break between the two personalities occurred in June, the new leaked video suggests that Pique and Clara Chía Martí have been dating for more than a year and a half.

Who has been in charge of supplying this information has been the Spanish show business program socialite, who was also in charge of filtering the video whose recording date dates from August 15, 2021.

In the video, Clara Chia can be seen walking through the family residence of the former soccer player and the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’, and it is presumed that on those dates the Colombian was traveling with her two children, Sasha Y Milan.

“We see the young woman in the house where the soccer player lived with Shakira while the couple was still showing signs of their love on social networks. [Clara] passes behind Piqué when the footballer is doing a live show with the ‘youtuber’ IbaiLlanos, one of his great friends”, they point out in the program request.

With this, it is directly confirmed that the relationship of Pique with Clara Chia Marti It had already existed since last year, despite the fact that it broke up just a few months ago.