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They filter the alternative ending of Titanic and assure that it is Disastrous and Horrible

On social networks, fans of the mythical film Titanic leaked the alternative ending that the 11 Oscar-winning film would have had. However, the public reaction has been brutally negative, which they say is “disastrous” and “horrible”.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the film Titanic, its fans were very active on social networks, announcing the alternative ending that the film production directed by Canadian director James Cameron would have had.

On the YouTube and Twitter platforms, fragments of the alternate ending of the Titanic movie and the love story between Rose and Jack began to circulate.

However, this action generated controversy among the followers of the Oscar-winning film for best film. Why the anger over this alternate ending?

In it, the surviving Rose, already old, approaches the bow of the ship that allowed her to witness the expedition to the Titanic and just before throwing the precious jewel they have been looking for so much into the sea, she is interrupted by her. granddaughter Lizzy with the person in charge of the investigation.

Look for treasure in all the wrong places, Mr. Lovett. Life alone is priceless and makes every day count,” Rose comments as she removes the necklace from her hands and throws it into the sea.

Apart from the surprised face of all those present in the baro, Lewis Bodine, another of the expedition members, runs towards the railing and regretfully expresses:

“That sucks, ma’am! “.

However, Mr. Lovett understands Rose’s wishes and in the midst of the crowd at the bow of the ship, he assents and asks Lizzy to dance. There, Rose looks up at the sky and the tape cuts to the last original final scene.

Despite the great initiative, criticism on social networks did not wait, arguing that this ending is “disastrous” and “horrible”, since it takes away emotion from the final story of Rose and Jack and how their memories unfold. . at the end of the frame.

Fans are grateful that James Cameron has chosen the ending that we all know about the Titanic since it undoubtedly perfectly portrays the end of the tragic story of the ocean liner and the little romance that Rose and Jack had there.

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