The Colombian Reggaeton Carol G. It is giving a lot to talk about in the last hours, since some photographs taken through a conspiracy video published in tiktok, where it is verified that the interpreter spent a Christmas celebration next to the singer Feid, The same with whom she has been linked in an alleged romance.

Several videos and images of the meeting of Carol G. Y Feid They continue to circulate on social networks, since it is verified that both artists spent together the day of the celebration of the candles, a typical tradition in Colombia.

With these tests, his new relationship with the Colombian artist would also be confirmed, and it is that rumors of a possible romance between the two have been coming for some time.

The reggaeton players were together on the day of the candles in the city of Medellin, where they were discovered and a fan was aware and made the video verifying the meeting.

Ferxxo He shared images on the same site, with the same landscape in the background and with the same candles that his sister showed in his stories. It is just a matter of paying attention to the smallest details to verify that Carol G. and the singer spent the holidays together.

The photos and video have quickly gone viral on networks, since there is no way for the singers to deny that they were together and that they have been dating for several months.