the reputation of Camilla Parker, the current queen of United Kingdom and wife of King Carlos III, It has always been dark and full of scandals. However, it seems that her bad reputation has no end, since in the last few hours a photograph of the monarch in a bathing suit has been published, which has caused much controversy within the social networks, since it is not usual to see photographs of this type of some members of royalty, both British and from other corners of the world.

Over the years, Camilla Parker’s attempts to win the affections of the british public, They have been very ineffective. And it is that, for the population, she continues to be pointed out as “the intruder”, and as one of the people responsible for the pain of the deceased but iconic Diana Princess of Wales.

Faced with such a situation, everything that the husband’s wife does monarch, It will be the subject of criticism on all social networks and other media. And so it has been, as a recent leaked photo of Camilla, has gone viral in all media.

It is a photo where he is seen in a red bathing suit, something that to be a member of the british Royalty, could be considered how “controversial”.

It is said that the photo is several years old, but despite that, it has not been able to prevent some users of social networks criticize the picture. Faced with such a situation, the ridicule for his advanced age did not take long to arrive.

The Queen Camilla Parker He is currently finalizing preparations for the official coronation, which is scheduled for May 6 and 8. There she and he King Carlos III, will be officially proclaimed as the new kings of the United Kingdom.